Osteopathy Treatment in Surrey

Are you looking for someone who can provide you with osteopathy treatment in Surrey? Then look no further, welcome to Kinesis Clinic. We are a leading osteopathy and injury rehabilitation centre that specialises in treating acute and chronic lower back pain, general neck and back pain, sports injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation and more. As a centre, we are leaders in osteopathy and injury rehabilitation, and for this reason, we have also received many 5-star Google Reviews that just highlights the amazing service we provide.

As a top provider of osteopathy in Surrey, you can be sure that when you come into our centre, you will receive a first-class service. All our therapists have all the necessary qualifications and experience to provide you with a superior service that you won’t be disappointed in. At Kinesis Clinic, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by using research-based treatment methods and biomechanical testing which help to make our treatments more effective and better for our clients. On top of this, all our osteopathy treatment programmes are tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements helping you achieve pain-free movement. 

How Does Our Osteopathy in Surrey Work?

Our osteopathy treatment in Surrey is ideal for a wide range of medical conditions. When you come into our centre, our therapists will look at your posture and how you move your body in different ranges of motion, so we can assess what happens when you move and so we can locate where the pain you are suffering from is. Also, as part of our diagnose process, we will move parts of your body for you using non-invasive manual techniques such as joint articulation and manipulation to decipher when we can begin the treat, or if other clinical tests, such as X-rays, are required to see the extent of your problem. As a leading osteopathy and injury rehabilitation centre in Surrey, we will keep you up to date with what our research and results have told us about the full extent of your issues.

Osteopathy Treatment is an Ideal Treatment for Many Medical Conditions 

Having osteopathy treatment is very beneficial for a variety of different reasons. It has been stated by leading experts in the industry that osteopathy can treat a wide range of conditions, even NHS guidelines explain that this form of treatment is particularly effective for lower back pain and is an ideal recovery treatment for people who have had hip or knee operations. Our osteopathy in Surrey doesn’t use any kind of medication and it’s also non-invasive, however, it can still work wonders on the body. For more information on how osteopathy could help you, head over to our website today. 

Get in Touch with Kinesis Clinic

So, if you’re looking for someone who can provide some osteopathy in Surrey, then you need to get in touch with Kinesis Clinic today. Kinesis Clinic is one of the leading osteopathy providers in  Surrey, so you can be certain that if you use our services, you will receive a first-class and professional service. For more information about our osteopathy treatments, get in touch with us on 01483 504314 and we will be more than happy to help with anything you need. You can also send across an email to info@kinesisclinic.co.uk, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.