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Barry Harpury
Principal Osteopath
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February 3, 2017

With the European skiing and snowboarding in full swing, we’re seeing a lot more patients with injuries sustained on the slopes coming through the doors of the clinic.

Skiing and snowboarding does have a reputation of being a risky sport, but the overall injury rate for skiers is a little lower than it is for snowboarders, who have a higher injury risk rate.

In general skiers tend to sustain injuries to the knee due to the twisting motion and the ski boot fixing the position of the ankle in place, leading to greater force transference than usual at the knee.

Around 45% of skiing injuries occur to the knee joint. The anterior cruciate ligament (found in the middle of the knee) is prone to rupture, when skiers weight continues forward during a fall. Rotation injuries can, as with borders not only injure the medial collateral ligament (a band of tissue on the inside of the knee) but sometimes also affect the cartilage inside the knee, otherwise known as the meniscus.

Snowboarders are more vulnerable to injuries of the shoulders, wrists and ankles. With 40% of injuries occurring to the wrist due to falls and the repetitive action of pushing up from the floor, which can cause over-strain of the ligaments at the palmar side of the wrist. This can lead to localised swelling and discomfort.

Skiing or snowboarding over rough terrain can alter the forces experienced through the lower back. If a turn isn’t quite successful it is possible to cause a jarring force into the lower back that can cause localised swelling between the small joints in the spine. This can cause an initial sharp pinching sensation that can later result in stiff and sore back.

Most injuries for both skiers and snowboarders occur either by falling down or loss of control during a jump, with a very small amount occurring by collision with other skiers or riders. This demonstrates the fact that the skiers or riders themselves’ are at fault. Poor fitness, poor selection of terrain or conditions, poor judgement of one’s ability, or poor maintenance of equipment are factors in many injuries.

The key message here is that many skiing and snowboarding injuries are preventable.

Some of the most common skiing and snowboarding injuries we see are:

  • Knee ligament injuries, such as stretches or tears to the 4 major ligaments that provide stability to the knee joint. The anterior cruciate, the posterior cruciate, the medial collateral and the lateral collateral
  • Shoulder dislocations
  • Shoulder separations
  • Stiff / sore backs
  • Sprains to the lower extremities, such as calf, ankle, or foot
  • Sprains to the upper extremities, such as wrist, hand, or thumb

Fortunately, most snow sport injuries are minor and should be treated immediately with R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression and elevation).

The following treatments are recommended at Kinesis Clinic for the above injuries:

  • Active Release Technique (ART)
  • Graston Technique
  • Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
  • Sports Massage

If you’re planning a skiing or snowboarding holiday in the next couple of weeks, now is the time to think about how best to avoid any of these injuries.

Here are some top tips to an injury free snow sports holiday:

  • Make an appointment with an Osteopath to address any long-standing or current injuries, aches or pains, to ensure you have the best possible and safest time on the slopes
  • If you know that you’re prone to an injury in a particular area, i.e. that dodgy knee, then it’s always best to prevent injury by supporting this joint with sports tape whilst on the mountain. We offer a strapping service with a special kinesiology/sports tape called Rock Tape. It provides support while allowing full range of motion, helps to decrease pain and unload tissue via decompression
  • Ensure you have suitable, well-maintained and properly adjusted equipment (including a helmet and gloves)
  • Always get your boots properly fitted to prevent unwanted movement that can be the precursor to twists and strains in the lower limbs
  • Specially fitted insoles such as Superfeet can be hugely beneficial to tailor fit your boots to your foot. Superfeet insoles are available in the clinic alongside a fitting service
  • Although it might be a holiday, both skiing and snowboarding have rigorous physical demands on the body so it’s advisable to exercise before you go. Remember it’s important to keep muscles strong to allow maximum stability at joints
  • Technique is key. It’s always worth having a refresher lesson to ensure that you aren’t starting your holiday with any bad habits
    * Always remember to stretch before and after skiing or snowboarding
    * Warm up with some dynamic stretches or movements (such as lunges or squats) as these will activate the muscles being used during skiing and snowboarding
    * Do some static stretching at the end of your day on the slopes, holding the stretches for between 10-30 seconds to help improve mobility and range of movement
    * Don’t forget to breathe easily whilst performing of exercises

The most important thing in all this though is to enjoy your holiday and put yourself in the best stead to come back home with nothing more than good memories.

If you do experience any injuries on the slopes, remember R.I.C.E and give us a call on your return further assistance.

For further information on any of the above or to make an appointment, please call: 01483 50431


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Hannah E
Hannah E
I cannot recommend the Kinesis Clinic highly enough. Earlier this year I came to Barry on the recommendation of my son for muscle pain in different areas of my body. To date he has worked a miracle and seem to be relatively pain free. Throughout this process I have tried other practitioners and none compare with Barry and his in depth knowledge. One of the most impressive things is the knowledge of his individual patients and the attention he gives you. I must also add that Lucy on reception is a real asset and is always willing to help in any way for the benefit of the clients.
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Ellie Apperly
Ellie Apperly
I went to see Barry for rehab after fracturing my spine. He’s an excellent Osteopath, taking time to understand the issues, and provide the right treatment and a tailored home exercise program. His YouTube exercise videos are also very helpful to follow. My mobility and strength improved significantly as well as much less discomfort. Thank you Barry!
I had a reoccurring shoulder dislocation injury due to playing various contact sports and after numerous operations my shoulder was weak, the muscles trembled as I tried to strengthen it. After struggling with it for over 10yrs I went to see Zaneta in the clinic. The main problem for me was the trembling and shaking as I tried to exercise and lack of flexibility. Zaneta used some instrument (big stainless-steel spoon in my non-medical world) to breakdown the scar tissue. After a few weeks my shoulder was unrecognisable. I can now exercise without the shaking, meaning I can strengthen it. Interestingly, I now have a greater range of movement than my ‘good’ shoulder.
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Peter Craig
I can't praise Jason highly enough, I've been seeing him for a few months and he's helped me so much, he's much more than my osteo, he's also a counsellor, business coach and all round great listener.Whenever I leave our session I feel better inside and out.
Susan Walsh
Susan Walsh
Unparalleled treatment from Barry and his team. I've sifted through many physiotherapists and osteopaths for disc related problems in the past two years before being saved by Barry; an erudite and scholarly practitioner who draws on his immense, esoteric knowledge and experience to inform sessions. Barry precisely and effectively reads/listens to my body; no session is the same and I'm always in awe of the variety of techniques he uses to diagnose and pinpoint areas of concern. His methods are subtle yet sublime: he often releases and manipulates muscle/tissue/joints from a number of points in my body where a link to the referred pain perhaps appears tenuous for a layperson like myself...I've been redirected from possible surgical intervention to non surgical treatment and management where I finally feel more stable and strong. Gareth and Jason have also played a significant part in treating me over the year and I honestly couldn't recommend them enough!
Cannot rate Barry and the clinic higher, I have met everyone there and they are all professional but very friendly. They have been great at fitting me in, supporting me and making me feel like a valued customer. Have recommended to a number of friends that have had the same experience.
Lisa Collins
Lisa Collins
I am so grateful to the whole team at Kinesis Clinic for all of the treatment I have had with them over the past 2.5 years following an accident. For the past year, Barry has helped me to heal my neck, and the dizziness associated with the injury. I feel that he really cares about his patients' recovery, and has so much wisdom to share. He has helped me to see how my mind and emotions also play a role in recovering, and this has prompted me to change patterns in my life that were worsening my symptoms. His approach to treatment has been gentle, but very effective. I can't recommend Kinesis Clinic enough. Thank you :)
Megan McInnes
Megan McInnes
The team is very welcoming and supportive with all your needs. I see them every 2 weeks just get my body sorted out to help with any niggle that come up. I would definitely recommend kinesis Clinic and there team to help you with any problems your having. Weather is sports related or your haven’t any past injuries this the team to help you.
omololu abiodun
omololu abiodun
Jason is a professional, friendly and brilliantly talented osteopath. I started treatment at the clinic for upper back/shoulder pain and migraines a few years ago and I have experienced a significant improvement in pain levels/migraines since then. Initially I had regular appointments but now I just book when needed. I get immediate relief with each session, and the positive effects often last for weeks afterwards. Out of all the treatments I have tried, Jason’s osteopathy practice at Kinesis Clinic is by far the most effective. I am so glad I found the clinic and I would now not go anywhere else. Highly recommend.
Kate M
Kate M
Gareth at the Kinesis Clinic is an amazing Osteopath. He has helped me to provide effective solutions for over 2 years with different muscular and neural issues I have had as an elite athlete. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and can expertly used different treatments such as manual and laser therapy for rehabilitation. He always adapts his approach and provides personal home programmes to follow which greatly help too. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who wants to use the Kinesis clinic for the first time.

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