Injury prevention & rehabilitation

At Kinesis Clinic we believe a structured, challenging and movement-based programme is paramount to your injury prevention and recovery. What sets Kinesis Clinic apart is that traditional rehabilitation treatment focuses on isolated movements, where our functional treatment focuses on integrated movements that are task‐specific and tailor made to the individual.

By combining Osteopathy and applied functional science, our treatment consists of functional assessment, training, conditioning, rehabilitation, and injury prevention that is practical for all individuals regardless of age or ability.

Kinesis Clinic has an exclusive area where exercise and stretching techniques are used to help improve mobility and increase function. A wide range of passive and active movement exercises will be used depending on your fitness, age and diagnosis.

Treatment is different for every patient but may include techniques to move, exercise and challenge restricted areas of your body. Many different functional techniques are utilised to train and condition your body such as reaches, lifts, jumps, hops, etc. You are initially shown the techniques and then encouraged to practice them until your movement becomes more natural and dynamic.