Magda Ramessur

Magda is a highly qualified and experienced sports massage therapist. She has extensive experience working in medical environments and is also a qualified nurse in her home country of Poland. She has attained VTCT level 3 & 4 sports massage therapy at Farnborough College of Technology as well as her VTCT level 2 & 3 beauty and massage therapy certification.

Magda specialises in pre and post-event maintenance massages, making her the essential tool in the run up or aftermath of a big sporting event. Sports massage can be used to enhance performance as it increases the range of motion and muscle flexibility resulting in improved power and endurance. The techniques used also enhance the body’s own recovery process, reducing muscle spasms and metabolic build-up that occur with exercise, preventing injury and improving the ability to return to training and competition.

Alternatively, sports massage is a great option for those simply wishing to incorporate soft tissue treatment into part of their fitness routine. You do not need to be an athlete to benefit from this type therapy. Regular treatments can help with the management of stress, pain and tension associated with occupation and lifestyle, as well as improving well-being, circulation and sleep patterns.

Her goal is always to help patients return to their favourite activity as soon as possible. Magda’s friendly but professional approach ensures that each session is unique and tailored to each patient's requirements. Her favourite techniques are trigger points and myofascial release but she also enjoys a challenge!

In her free time Magda, particularly enjoys gardening and more specifically growing vegetables. Over the years she has developed a strong interest in herbalism and naturopathy. Magda also enjoys staying active with her two sons as well as cooking and reading in her spare time.