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Associate Osteopath

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Zaneta is an Osteopath and Sports Rehabilitator with extensive experience in treating clients from all walks of life. She has a Bachelor of Osteopathy Degree from the London School of Osteopathy and a Bachelor of Science in Sport Rehabilitation from St Mary’s University. She has also completed a Fellowship of Applied Functional Science at the world famous Gray Institute in Michigan, USA, where she developed her expertise as a Movement Specialist. She has developed a wide combination of skills and experience to help people with all different types of injuries.

Zaneta has great knowledge and understanding of body biomechanics and has treated high-level athletes including professional rugby and football players, runners, cyclists and dancers. In the past, Zaneta has worked with the national rugby team and football team in Gibraltar as well as many athletes from the UK. She specialises in post- surgery rehabilitation where she offers a tailored rehabilitation program with a personalised treatment approach. Zaneta also specialises in acupuncture / dry needling.

She also has developed a special interest in treating children and expectant mothers. By understanding the journey of motherhood herself, she has been empowering pre- and post-natal mums with therapy, exercises and advice ever since she graduated in osteopathy.

Zaneta's highly successful approach to treating her clients is based on her unique blend of medical osteopathy and function-based rehabilitation skills. She is able to use a diverse range of soft tissue therapy techniques and incorporates a personalised rehabilitation program in order to find the right individualised treatment for each client.

Zaneta Kwiecien
Associate Osteopath

Private Health Insurance

Please note that we need 24 hours notice if you cannot make an appointment or the full fee may be charged. Please remember that you are directly responsible for the cost of your treatment on the day, this can then be claimed back through your private insurance. A receipt will be provided as proof of your payment which you can then produce to your insurance company. However please remember there may be an excess on your policy.